Robert Paul S

Robert Paul Stokle

Born in 1957, Churchdown, Gloucestershire. 

Professional painter since 1987.

Son of the painter, Robert Donald Stokle ARCA. (1930-2008).

1971-75   Studied at the Southport College of Art, Merseyside from the age of fourteen  (Saturday mornings).

1975-76   Foundation course, Southport College of Art.                                                       1976-77   Graphic Design course, Southport College of Art.                                          1980-83   Self Employed Custom Paint Sprayer - murals and design                                  1984-87   Four years tuition by my father in the methods of the English and Dutch old                        masters.                                                                                                               1987-present  Professional Artist.  


                     "Untitled." 1983. oil on panel.                           Sold.                                                                My first oil painting (with the help of my father, Robert Donald Stokle). 



           "Orders for the South Seas."  1984. oil on panel.                                        Sold.                                    


"Gathering the Flock." 1986. oil on canvas.                            Sold.


Turned professional in 1987, painting traditional scenes in oils and watercolours. 

Paintings on perminant display at Halsall Hall in Lancashire and three watercolours in the "Royal Liver Buildings" in Liverpool.


       "The Mir leaving the Mersey, Tall Ships 1992."  1992. Watercolour.      still available.



 "Low Force." Yorkshire, 1993. Watercolour.                           Sold.


Taking a plunge into the unknown.

 Nine year's later in 1995, after moving to Buckinghamshire, my heart was still with wanting to work in the traditional style, but I started to get an urge where I could express myself in another way, somehow. Mainly, to quicken up the process and to try something that made me act in a slightly different way. To be more responsive to unusual ideas and techniques, but at the same time, still using some of the principles that make up a traditional painting.

Hence, into the world of Abstracts in 1995.

 I wanted to find something unique, adventurous with spontaneity. So, I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and painted with a palette knife, instead of the brush. My first ten paintings was done on canvas in the impasto style, all done quickly. I found that I was satisfied with the results, but not so, with the technique. I have seen work like this for many years, they were not unique in anyway. So, I quickly moved on by smearing the paint instead and found that this started to give me some of the answers I hungered fore.     


 "Taking a walk over the hills."  1997. oil on paper, miniature.



  "Approaching Tide." 2004. oil on paper, miniature.



"Reflections on the Beach." 2007. oil on paper, miniature.



 "Serenity." 2001. oil on paper, miniature.



 "Harmony in Nature" 2004. oil on paper, miniature.


 These paintings were supposed to be a side-line to my traditional work, but within a year of starting, they gradually took over. The traditional work became the side-line from then on.

I founded an art group in Swanborne, Buckinghamshire in 1996, when I lived for five years and later exhibited each year until 2010.

 Since, I have exhibited in one-man and joint shows in galleries in England and Wales, a number of paintings are in private collections in England and Wales, also one or two in Spain and Australia. A handful of buyer's have collections which consist mainly of my work.



 "Here comes the Sun."  2010. oil on paper, 377 x 320 mms.


 "Movement of the Dance."  2007. oil on paper, 125 x 50 mms.


Exhibited work at the "Salon des Refuses" commonly known as the "Not the RA Exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London in 1998 and 99'.

Part-time art teacher and workshops from 1996.

 I moved to Wales on the eve of the millennium in the dark, not knowing where I had moved too, only knowing the name of the place and not seeing the lay of the land until the morning. A strange thing to do, but it was exciting that following morning, being in a new place, in a new century and in a new millennium.

 By March 2004, I became co-founder and later a director of the Oriel King Street Gallery in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. An artist-led co-operative gallery, showing contemporary work with around thirty members, all showing new work every two months. Plus, a room we call "The Chate Room Gallery" for showing visiting artists work and workshops.


 "Across the Bay with a Slight Breeze."  2008.  oil on paper,  117 x 116 mms.


  Once in a while I do ask myself was I wise to move from the traditional work where I had developed my skills to a level of being compident, to where I was having to start again as a contemporary, abstract painter. Even after all these years I sometimes wonder what I may have gone on to achieve, if I had stayed with the traditional work.



 The Development towards 3D.

  I formed the interest in trying to create a 3D image with paint, back in my custom spraying days and later, in creating space with recession and colour in the traditional work. The years spent developing the skills was actually crucial to this new work, I gained so many insights which I wouldn't have had if I had started with the abstracts, straight off.

 Nowadays, I look at my work and I can feel a strengthening change in me and in the work. Is this just the beginning of something? I do have a number of unusual effects happening, which could be called unqiue.


 "Across the Bay at Dusk."  2009. oil on paper.      sold.



 "Dramatic Cloud effect at Sunset."  2015. oil on paper.  sold.






to be continued......








 Work available in galleries:

The White Lion Street Gallery, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Oriel King Street Gallery, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.